What Personal Information is Required to Rent a Storage Unit?

When renting a storage unit at Barclay Self Storage, we will need to collect some basic information from you upon checkout. Following is a list of information required for you to rent a storage unit:

1. Name: This must be the full, legal name of the person renting the storage unit (tenant). If you are renting a unit online for someone else, you must enter the name of the person who will be responsible for the contents of the storage unit. You also have the option during checkout to add a secondary contact to your account. Should there be an issue with your storage unit or payment and we cannot reach the tenant, this person would be contacted. 

2. Address: This must be the address where you are currently receiving mail. If there is an issue with your payment and we cannot reach you by email or phone, you will receive a letter in the mail. 

3. Email address: Email is our primary form of correspondence. You must have a valid email address on file, which you check on a regular basis. If there is an issue with your payment, this is how we will initially try to contact you. This is also where all your payment receipts are sent.

4. Payment method: You must have a credit card, debit card or prepaid card to secure your storage unit. This card will be charged a prorated amount, for your first month, to begin the rental. We will automatically deduct future payments on the first of the month from the card you provide. 

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