BRAND NEW UNITS AVAILABLE AT A PLUS STORAGE MUSKEGON!! We have several new buildings going up just a few minutes down the road. Gated entry, lights, 24 hours access and 24 hours surveillance. Please visit to secure your rental today! Located at 1725 W. Sherman Blvd., just east of McCracken.

If the size you're looking for is not available at Barclay Self Storage or A Plus Storage, be sure to check at to rent your unit today!! You can also add your email to the waitlist and we will notify you as soon as something opens up!

Bright Lights, Safe Storage

Articles September 25, 2014
Our facility is fully fenced with an automatic, pin activated, gate. We don’t give out the pin number to access the gate until somebody rents a unit. Then you will get an instant e-mail with a unique pin that only you know. Please save the e-mail in case you forget the pin number. You will need the pin to enter and exit the facility.