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Many people work from 9 to 5. That makes it hard to rent a storage unit during that time just so you can take your outdoor porch furniture there on the weekend. We solved that problem by allowing you rent any time you need to. Friday night at 9:00? No problem! Sunday morning at 6:00 AM? No problem!  

We have streamlined the rental process to make it as easy as possible for our customer to rent a unit. All of our rental agreements are managed online by our customers.   You can get access to your storage unit within minutes. Simply click on ‘Rent Storage’, enter your information, and checkout. Instantly, you will be e-mailed a storage unit number and a Pin # for the gate along with your approved rental agreement. The whole process should take under 3 minutes.  Your first month’s rent will be pro-rated through the end of the month and then your account will be automatically billed on the first day of each of the following month.

When you are ready to ‘move-out’ simply log into your account (with your e-mail address and password) and cancel your monthly rental so you don’t get charged for the next month. When you move out make sure you unit is clean so we can rent it to the next person.  

Our e-commerce system was designed and managed by a company that has been managing online sites and transaction since 1997. You will see Self Storage Processing Solutions on your credit card bill….. That’s us! If you have any questions, just call or e-mail us.

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